Vacation Into Premium Santorini offers premium chauffeur services and a wide range of luxury tours and transfers through out Santorini. It’s a family business that was established in 2016 and, ever since, it has been developing and expanding so as to meet client's needs and expectations. Our goal is to ensure optimum comfort and safety, enabling our clients to travel all around the island in an entertaining and luxurious way. We offer individual, family or group V.I.P transport services and our professional staff are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and hospitality. Indulge yourself in an exciting V.I.P experience and travel in comfort and style in enchanting Santorini.

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Visit the most beautiful Villages of Santorini build at the edge of cliffs soar out of a sea-drowned caldera, cave houses, whitewashed buildings and blue dome churches and swim in the Aegean sea crystal waters in the volcanic-sand beaches. Eat delicious local food, drink the famous wines with indigenous grape varieties, visit the ancient city of Akrotiri aged 4000 years, explore unsoiled regions and much more exclusive sights, which is still kept undiscovered by mass-tourism.

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The island remains the home of a small but flourishing exceptional wine industry that produced from grapes grown in the volcanic soil of the island! Assyrtiko is an indigenous vine , Athyri and Aidani an Aegean vine, Mantilaria and Mavrotragano are just some of the distinctive varieties that you can taste at the island’s famous wineries. Visit three wineries that we have selected for an ultimate gastronomic experience. Learn about the grape varieties and the vines that are extremely old and resistant. In their adaptation to their habitat, such vines are planted far apart, as their principal source of moisture is dew, and they often are in the shape of low-spiralling baskets, with the grapes hanging inside to protect them from the winds.

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The transfer will be private, the professional experienced driver will be English speaking and punctual. The vehicle will be comfortable, modern, air-conditioned and in perfect condition. We are specialists in providing a reliable, professional transfer service to and from Santorini JTR Airport


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Theros black beach

The beautiful beach of Theros.

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Akrotiri settlement is in the southwestern and most distant edge of the island, 15 km from Fira. Akrotiri became particularly famous for the ancient city that was discovered buried under the volcanic ashes. The lighthouse, Faros is situated at this area of the island and from there you can observe the Indian figure on the black mountain (Mauro vouno) that has been carved by the most talented sculptor, Mother nature. Either in the morning or in the afternoon the view of the endless blue and the rest of the island, from the lighthouse, is magnificent and the sunset is like a dream.

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Fira is the capital town of the island, built on the edge of the Caldera between the sea and the sky. Opposite the volcano and the two volcanic islands, Palaia Kammeni and Nea Kammeni. The western part of Fira, facing the Caldera, still maintains its unique colour and beauty. This part of the town can be explored only by foot, walk around it through the narrow pebbled streets. Clinging on the cliffs of the caldera overlooking from one end to the other having the views of Oia, Imerovígli, Firostefáni and Akrotiri. . Soaking up the villages’ distinctive traditional atmosphere is a very rewarding experience. The whitewashed cube form houses of its picturesque capital town, with the three-bell church that will be a remembrance, or that instagram perfect spot. We will continue this journey going higher, and to be exact the highest point of the island, Prophet Elias mountain and Monastery. The mesmerizing views and the traditional Greek orthodox male monastery is a way to discover how the monks work, and find their peace on this beautiful sanctuary.

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Village of Oia

Preserving the charm of other ages the peaceful community of Oia village, is a traditional heritage sight that will give you the opportunity to admire one of the most famous sunset in the world. A synthesis of white-blue houses and churches, and the famous three blue dome churches hanging on the cliffs of the caldera, are composing a colorful canvas of Oia difficult to put in words. An n idyllic village that during the sunset times you will be captivated from its beauty. Preserving the charm of other ages. With natural beauty, the unique architecture combined with tradition harmoniously.

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This is about Firostefani

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